7 Signs That You’re a Serious Knitter/Crocheter

Some knitters and crocheters are casual:  borrowing their grandmothers’ needles to knit or crochet a scarf in the winter.  Then there are the boisterous, all-in fiber enthusiasts who are just a step away from shearing their own sheep.  Below is a list of signs to know when you have crossed over from one side to the other:

1) While clothes shopping you see a sweater and think “I can knit that!”.

2) You miss your stop on public transportation because you’re so involved in your project.

3) You leap with joy when you find that stitch marker that you thought you’d lost forever.

4) You’re watching an intense movie and all you can think about is “I wonder if there’s a pattern on Ravelry for that hat she’s wearing.”

5) The first thing you do when planning a trip is to map out the Local Yarn Shops  (LYS) – Extra hint: if you actually say L Y S – you’ve definitely crossed over.

6) Your autocorrect changes “mad” to “Madelinetosh.”

7) You can’t get enough of the zipper-style ziplock bags and sheet protectors

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